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Why TeslaTaxi in 2021? (TT)...
We (TT) are all about what is best for the car owner! Our aim is to help more car owners buy more cars - in 2023 we expect that ALL members of our group will own 3~10x cars and ALL will be full-time ‘robo cabs’ driving under the ‘Tesla Network’ - as the cost of FSD will be more than $35k to buy in 2024 it is VITAL that ‘fleet owners’ buy cars NOW and ‘fund’ them via rentals in the ‘pre-FSD’ time from now (2021) to 2023/2024...
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If you want to rent a Tesla, CLICK-HERE to join our club as a ‘renter’ - this will get you a reduced insurance excess & entitle you to substantial discounts on the ‘rental'/hire’ costs per day! Memberships from $99~$380 ‘join-4-life’^^^ funds trees!!!
Here at TT-earth; we love self driving cars and we love this planet (the only one we have - for now), as of Q1-2021 our rental fleet has had rentals that cover more than 120,000KM of driving on AU roads, in this time, we have ‘planted’ hundreds of trees via ‘’ credits, all car owners help fund this effort by buying ‘green’ credits for ALL rentals in our group - this is based on a “Holden Captiva’s” green debit - ie. if a Tesla car is rented for a week and the driver puts 6,000km on the clock, the owner of this car buys ‘credits’ as if a Captiva diesel mid-sized-SUV drove for 6,000km. We love to give back and we also encourage ALL owners to install PV Solar at home to ensure the MAX green energy is in the mix!

CLICK-Here to lean more about our 110% ‘Green Energy’ commitment, via ‘GreenFleet’ credits to Offset 110KM for every 100KM driven by our club members…


Imagine owning your own Tesla.

A beautiful, sleek, efficient and powerful machine.

Now imagine your vehicle is now part of a service that earns you money when you are not using it. The Tesla Model 3 is on the cusp of transforming how the world will use their vehicles. This is the beginning of a new revolution in transportation and it is all happening autonomously thanks to the most advanced self drive technology in the world.

Now imagine your part of ride-share 2.0


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2019-001 Tesla AI Service has started presenting a business case to Bunnings to install super chargers and solar at all locations - if you want to help, email our web-master below for an info pack.

Tesla Corporate info: Tesla Annual Shareholders Meeting - PI-09/06/2019

It’s hard to wrap my head around a future where my car might be earning me money through autonomous driving while I’m asleep in my bed or play video games but here we are.
— @MarcelFeldkamp - Twitter
That’s exactly the idea. What’s not well understood is that Tesla cars being made *today* will be able to do that for you. Just a matter of finishing the software & going through regulatory approval. Will be explained in depth via live webcast on April 22
— @elonmusk - Twitter
Tesla’s Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada, will be the largest building in the world, sprawling over 15 million square feet on a plot of land more than three times larger than Central Park.
— Adele Peters @
The @Tesla #Model3 has a cultural magic and desirability about it that made people willing to wait months and even years to own one — that’s how you hold on to your resale value over time
— @KelleyBlueBook - Twitter

It is the early adopters that earn the most benefits


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